Selling Technology Services and Solutions as a Team: Sales Professional and Engineer Webinar

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Too often, sales professionals and engineers impede the sales process and slow sales velocity due to a lack of understanding of the role each must play properly during the engagement.

During this insightful session, I’ll cover the ownership of the sales process and the role the sales professional and engineer must play effectively during sales meetings in order to accelerate sales velocity, minimize objections and shorten sales cycles.

Attend and Learn:

  1. How to run effective sales meetings as a team of sales professional and engineer
  2. What to say, what not to say and how not to say it to minimize objections
  3. When it’s absolutely critical to take an engineer or sales engineer on a sales appointment – and when you should never bring an engineer along

I’ll also cover conducting effective quarterly business review meetings to reinforce the value of the services you provide your clients and help transform them into technology strategic business owners with IT budgets and technology roadmaps.

Selling Technology Services and Solutions as a Team

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