Tracking MSP KPIs Webinar

Tracking Critical Financial Performance Webinar Aug 6

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Join 2 IT Guys Talking Shop! industry veteran Tom Sopwith from IT Glue and I will discuss the most important KPIs you should be tracking in your MSP Practice.

Join us as we have a “real”, live conversation with you to explore the KPIs by which business unit and staff performance is measured, goals set against and bonuses and commissions designed and implemented to help realize as a couple of IT Guys telling it like it is and talking shop.

We’ll be delivering a totally unique Live Event experience for you!

In order to reduce costs, improve performance and efficiencies and drive more profit to the bottom line, best in class service providers utilize a means to regularly measure performance. This measurement is designed to capture meaningful information and display it in a simple to understand manner. This data then informs the design of Key Performance Indicators by which business unit and staff performance is measuredgoals set against and bonuses and commissions designed and implemented to help achieve.

Join us in this business-building Webinar as we explore how to develop and implement critical Key Performance Indicators to provide visibility of the performance of your key operations, sales and service delivery business units in your organization. We’ll also discuss how to use these critical KPIs to maintain accountability of your teams in executing the tactical activities necessary to meet your business goals.

Tracking Critical Financial Performance Webinar Aug 6

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