The MSP Dilemma – Webinar

Thursday, November 4th @ 8am PT

Join me and Luis Giraldo (CEO, Ook & CXO, ScalePad) as we tackle a dilemma facing many MSPs today — QBRs that aren’t reliably getting clients to change. During this session, we’ll focus on a unique and effective approach to using Quarterly Business Reviews to add tremendous strategic value to your client relationships and grow client lifetime value.

We’ll cover what to do and what not to do in your strategic QBRs, how often to conduct them and which type of clients never to schedule them with. In addition we’ll reveal the Agenda you should always use for your QBR meetings, the one thing you should never leave a QBR meeting without, and how to forecast and realize new revenue every quarter by conducting your QBRs properly.

Attend and learn:

  • A shared accountability framework and how it can help build success into managed services agreements
  • How non-sales-minded MSPs can change the mindset of QBRs from a sales activity to a service activity
  • What’s needed to make the shift towards improving clients’ technology experiences

Live attendees will receive my 3 Best-Selling Audiobook Downloads:

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**Outstanding presentation** This is gold! – Scott

Great job, thanks for the great info! Lots to digest – Todd

Thank you very much for this valuable information. Awaiting next class – Nick

Yoohoo! Not bored after one hour – that’s a huge zoom day! – Vasile

Great presentation! Thanks very much! – Nate

Excellent presentation, thank you! – Chris

Wow! Thanks very much guys for such a great and informative session! – Max

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