Oct 27: Build Your Required Cybersecurity Offering – And Get Every Single Client to Sign Up

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Erick Simpson
Oct 27: Build Your Required Cybersecurity Offering – And Get Every Single Client to Sign Up

Let’s face it – it’s not easy getting all your clients on the same page with you on Cybersecurity. And it’s tough to come up with your minimum, required offering that you must get all of your clients to say yes to. And now, there is simply too much risk for you as an MSP to delay getting this done, because the more you delay, the worse the potential outcome for you and your clients.

Are you ready to solve this dilemma once and for all? Then join me as I reveal the minimum Cybersecurity services you need to deliver to your clients that dramatically minimize your respective risk. I will also demonstrate how to present the adoption of these services properly and confidently to your clients as a non-negotiable requirement to continue receiving your services.

What You'll Learn

This must-attend session for MSPs struggling to get Clients to say YES to enhanced Cybersecurity will include specific strategies and how-to’s that you can implement immediately to grow profit, reduce risk (improving staff morale and client satisfaction), and increase your value to your clients.

Attendees will receive the following MSP Mastered® asset: Erick Simpson’s Cybersecurity Portfolio Bundling and Pricing Calculator

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Erick Simpson

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