Adjust Operations, Marketing & Sales to Thrive During Covid-19! – Webinar

Adjust Operations, Marketing and Sales to Thrive During Covid-19

Thursday, May 28th @ 9am PT / 11am CT / 12pm ET 

As a result of the current Coronavirus situation, 2 distinct IT provider and business customer segments have emerged – those in “survive” mode, and those in “thrive” mode. The latter group is comprised of strategic business leaders that are exploring every opportunity to not only weather Covid-19, but to grow during this period. During this Webinar, I’ll focus on how to adjust your sales and marketing approach in order to thrive during the unique “work from home” new normal we’re all experiencing.

Attend and Learn:

  1. How to adjust your internal processes to maximize efficiencies with work from home technicians
  2. What financial strategies are available to help you reduce overall costs and benefit from stimulus programs
  3. How to re-think and reposition product and service bundles to meet your clients’ “new normal” business needs
  4. The marketing strategy and messaging that resonates most effectively during “work from home” scenarios to grow sales

Join me and Tom Sopwith from IT Glue as we share strategies that thriving MSPs are using to grow revenues and lower costs during Covid-19!

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