Oct 13: Your RMM Is Your Most Important Security Tool – 5 Tips To Reduce Risk and Grow MRR

I’m sure you’ve been using your RMM tool for a long time. But are you using every security capability available to protect your clients, data, and network from being attacked – and make more money with existing clients? When done correctly, you will also reduce both your and your tech’s stress levels and improve morale.

Do I have your attention? This is not your typical Webinar that simply re-hashes things you already know. Instead, we’ll challenge you to think differently about your RMM tool and your monitoring, patching, and updating processes and how to make this platform a true profit center for your service department while drastically improving your and your clients’ security posture.

Join me as I reveal common Cybersecurity misconceptions about RMMs, and how his top-performing MSP partners use and position their RMM tools to not only protect their clients, but also grow more top-line revenue with them!

This must-attend session is for technical leaders and teams and will include specific strategies and how-to’s that you can implement immediately to strengthen security with your RMM tool, grow profit, reduce your service desk and NOC stress (improving staff satisfaction and morale) and increase your value to your clients.


Attendees will receive the following MSP Mastered® White Paper: Erick Simpson’s Having the Cybersecurity Conversation With Your Clients


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