Sep 15th – You’re Supporting Today’s Post-Pandemic Customers All Wrong – And How to Fix It!

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Erick Simpson
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Remember the good old days before the pandemic, when all you had to worry about were your customers’ onsite infrastructures and a few cloud platforms?

My, how times have changed thanks to Covid-19! Now you must keep up with hybrid network sprawl that is widely scattered between traditional on-premises assets and many more cloud platforms for your customers. And don’t forget the growing remote workforce support responsibility you now bear. Do the math and you may find that your costs have gone way up but your efficiencies not so much – meaning you’re losing tons of money! Here’s your new normal, and you’re welcome.

The good news is that making a few simple changes to your strategy and evaluating a new breed of IT discovery and reporting tools can help you quickly regain your lost profits and take charge of today’s businesses like a boss.

In this webinar, I explore the challenges and solutions that best-in-class MSPs have implemented to manage Work From Home devices and maintain control over today’s technology sprawl of assets, data, and users in the cloud.

Next Mark Winter, VP of Products for RapidFire Tools, will share the incredible new technology and reporting now available only in Network Detective Pro that helps MSPs succeed in taming today’s hybrid sprawl and makes them more profitable recurring revenue.

What You'll Learn

  1. The biggest challenge MSPs face with today’s customers and how to fix it
  2. 2 things you should always do when quoting a new prospect (and 3 things you should never do)
  3. How to finally fully manage WFH and “Road Warrior” machines
  4. How to automate your cloud assessments (including Azure D and AWS)

Attendees to this valuable webinar will receive the following MSP Mastered® asset: Erick Simpson’s 117 Step, 3 Phase New Client On-Boarding Checklist

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Sep 15th You’re Supporting Today’s Post-Pandemic Customers All Wrong – And How to Fix It!

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