Mar 31: Technical Webinar: You’re Doing Network Monitoring All Wrong – And How to Fix It!

Erick Simpson - Supercharge your MSP Business
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Erick Simpson
You're Doing Network Monitoring All Wrong

You and your technical team have probably been monitoring networks for a long time. But I doubt you’re getting every ounce of value out of your platform and processes to lower your overall labor costs – and more importantly – make more money with your existing clients, all while reducing your techs’ stress and improving their morale.

Do I have your attention? This is not your typical Webinar that simply re-hashes things you already know. Instead, we’ll challenge you to think differently about network monitoring and how it can become a true profit-center for your service department, instead of the cost center it probably is.

Join me as I reveal the common misconceptions about network monitoring, and how my top-performing MSP partners use and position these services to not only increase net profit but grow top-line revenue with clients as well.

This must-attend session is for technical leaders and teams only and will include specific strategies and how-to’s that you can implement immediately to reduce your service delivery labor and stress (improving staff satisfaction and morale) while increasing your value to your clients.

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What You'll Learn

During this session, I will:
  1. Reveal why traditional “network monitoring” doesn’t cut it anymore – and how to flip the script to make it a true profit center and revenue generator
  2. Share 3 new ways to use these services to grow lifetime strategic value with clients you probably aren’t doing
  3. Discuss how to position these services and use reporting correctly to keep clients for life
  4. Demonstrate ways to improve staff morale and satisfaction to reduce churn
  5. Host a candid Q&A session with attendees and a panel of partners that will share their insights on how they are executing these strategies successfully

Your Speaker

Erick Simpson

MSP Expert, Thought Leader & Influencer


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