MSP MASTERED® LEVEL 4- Exit Strategies – Selling at the Highest Valuation

The final course in MSP expert Erick Simpson’s MSP Mastered® Masterclass brings us full circle as Erick reviews the tactics and KPIs to implement, improve and monitor to ensure you are operating at the highest performance and profit to realize the greatest valuation during a strategic exit. Erick reveals the business sale process and each step that you will go through to properly prepare for a successful, profitable exit – putting you always be in the best position to command the highest leverage and valuation during a company sale discussion, even when you weren’t expecting the opportunity to sell to present itself yet. Erick also shares the importance of developing a post-transaction integration plan and timeline to ensure the highest level of success after the transaction.

Session attendees receive the following MSP Mastered® tools by Erick Simpson: Post-M&A 180 Day Integration Plan Template

Your Speaker

Erick Simpson

Founder and Chief Strategist