MSP MASTERED® LEVEL 1- Developing Effective Master Service Agreements and SOWs

During this operational transformation session, MSP operations expert Erick Simpson explores the importance, purpose and strategy behind a properly designed Master Services Agreement and Statements of Work for each of the services you market, sell and deliver. Topics include the language and content to include in these important documents, and how your Managed Services SLA can enable your business growth and realize higher revenues and profits.

You’ll learn to use SOWs that detail what’s included and excluded from your services to set clear, accurate expectations with your clients to ensure their long-term satisfaction. Bonus takeaways are the language to use that allows you to increase the value of your long-term Agreements yearly and permits you to fire a client at any time but restricts them from being able to cancel your Agreements for “convenience”, and instead only in cases for Cause Without Remedy.

Session attendees receive the following MSP Mastered® tools by Erick Simpson: MSP MSA and SOW Templates

Your Speaker

Erick Simpson

Founder and Chief Strategist