Marketing Managed IT Services

In Erick Simpson’s 13 page Marketing Managed Services White Paper, you will learn to create compelling marketing messages that generate leads.


The Details

In Erick Simpson’s 13 page Marketing Managed IT Services White Paper, you will find information to help you understand five different passive marketing techniques, as well as 3 direct marketing techniques, as well as how to create a compelling marketing message for your services, and how to source a direct marketing list. This information will enable you to create a marketing campaign whose outcome can be measured.


  1. Introduction
  2. What is Marketing?
  3. Vertical-specific Marketing
  4. Choosing a Vertical Market
  5. The Marketing List
  6. The Marketing Message
  7. Example Marketing Message
  8. Website Marketing
  9. White Paper Marketing
  10. Creating White Papers
  11. Example White Paper
  12. Case Study Marketing
  13. Creating Case Studies
  14. Example Case Study
  15. Benefits of Utilizing Managed Services Agreements
  16. Conclusion


Managed Service Providers

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Marketing Managed IT Services

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