Erick Simpson’s 3 Best-Selling Audiobook Bundle

Erick Simpson’s 4 Book Bundle:

  1. The Guide to a Successful Managed Services Practice
  2. The Best IT Sales and Marketing BOOK EVER
  3. The Best IT Service Delivery BOOK EVER
  4. The Best NOC BOOK EVER


The Details


Includes 3 Killer Audiobooks!:

Audiobook #1: The Guide to a Successful Managed Services Practice (Delivered as a series of MP3 files)

The Guide to a Successful Managed Services Practice reveals the most innovative and effective MSP growth techniques ever developed.

These techniques have been proven to increase long-term predictable revenue, thereby increasing an IT Organization’s value. Leverage Erick Simpson’s successful Managed Services concepts:

3 Killer Managed Services deliverables
A Unique Managed Services Sales Process so successful that Clients can’t resist signing your Agreements
Pricing your Managed Services deliverables for Maximum Profit
What to do after your Client is sold
Advanced Annuity-Based revenue philosophies

The Guide to a Successful Managed Services Practice includes everything you’ll need to:

Transition to a successful, Annuity-Based Managed Services model and Evaluate your existing Clients and calculate what they’ll be worth on a Monthly and Yearly basis when converted to Managed Services
Successfully market and sell Managed Services to new Clients
Increase your organization’s overall value by transitioning to an Annuity-based Service Delivery model.

*Includes nearly 30 downloadable Managed Services Business, Technical, Sales and Marketing Tools, Forms and Collateral!

*Bonus: 4 Business-Winning PowerPoint Presentations!

*Extra Special Bonus: Recorded Managed Services Webcast download included!

Audiobook #2: The Best I.T. Sales and Marketing BOOK EVER!

The Best I.T. Sales and Marketing BOOK EVER! focuses on rapidly growing your MSP practice through effective sales and marketing techniques.

Following up on the success of The Guide to a Successful Managed Services Practice – What Every SMB IT Service Provider Should Know…; the definitive book on transitioning a reactive IT business model to proactively-delivered Managed Services, The Best I.T. Sales & Marketing BOOK EVER! focuses squarely on one of the most challenging aspects of running a successful I.T. practice – growing through effective sales and marketing.

At nearly 500 pages, The Best I.T. Sales & Marketing BOOK EVER! reveals how to successfully sell and market I.T. solutions and become a Trusted Advisor to your clients. Drawing upon Erick Simpson’s experience in helping Partners across the country transition to an annuity-based, proactive Managed Service delivery model, each phase of the I.T. Sales and Marketing process is addressed.

Broken down into logical sections, this book helps you choose your target market, determine your service offerings and develop your marketing message, as well as the methods by which to successfully deliver it. Follow-on chapters address hiring the right sales staff, as well as training, incentivizing and managing them for success.

Additional topics covered include appointment setting and conducting the first, second and third client sales appointments – all the way through closing the deal with the decision-maker. The downloadable content contains over 50 newly designed marketing collateral, case study and white paper templates, as well as a complete 17-page business-winning I.T. Solutions and Managed Services website design. Chock full of additional new tools and collateral, the downloadable material included with this title greatly enhances the value of ‘The Best I.T. Sales & Marketing BOOK EVER!’, and insures that this unique publication lives up to its name.

Audiobook #3: The Best I.T. Service Delivery BOOK EVER!

The Best I.T. Service Delivery BOOK EVER! covers all aspects of delivering I.T. and technical services to end-customers through 4 types of service delivery models Hardware Warranty, Break-Fix, Professional and Managed Services.

The third publication in Erick Simpson’s best-selling Managed Services Series, this comprehensive resource details best practices for service delivery, including a description of each service model and strategies for maintaining or maximizing each model, as well as migrating from one service model to another.

Covering service pricing and positioning, service delivery, hiring and compensating and training staff and maximizing customer trust, satisfaction and loyalty, this resource is certain to become a key reference manual in your organization. This book reveals how to successfully deliver I.T. Solutions and Managed Services to become a Trusted Advisor to your clients.

These methodologies have helped thousands of Solution Providers tremendously increase their revenues. The Best I.T. Service Delivery BOOK EVER! applies the most highly effective I.T. and Managed Services delivery techniques ever developed to increase your efficiencies, client relationships and revenue, and provide a roadmap to migrate from one service delivery model to another!

It includes everything you’ll need to:

Identify or establish your current service delivery model
Understand key characteristics and important considerations for each service delivery model
Determine whether you are in Build, Maintain or Maximize mode, and if you are ready to Migrate
Recognize the key staff necessary for each model and mode
Create an effective hiring, compensation, and training process for all staff
Improve customer satisfaction, become a Trusted Advisor and sell more solutions and services to your clients

This resource has been highly anticipated by solution providers and channel organizations worldwide, and fills the void for a service-specific work for the I.T. industry, covering hiring, compensating, and training staff; along with project management, quoting and service delivery for 4 service provider groups.

Includes nearly 30 downloadable webinars, forms, tools and collateral!


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    Erick Simpson’s 3 Best-Selling Audiobook Bundle

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