Hear from Erick
Simpson's Clients

Testimonials for Erick Simpson from a
handful of Erick's consulting clients

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testimonialArtboard 1

Hear from Erick Simpson's Clients

First-hand feedback from a handful of Erick's consulting clients


"From day 1, not only has he proven willing to adjust his approach to fit us, but i would say he is also very sincere and genuine in his concern and care for the people involved. you can tell that his commitment to seeing us have success is important to him and is a driver for him."
Derrick Nielson​
President & CEO at High Touch Technologies
We were introduced to Erick Simpson about 10 years ago and he helped us make improvements in specific areas like service delivery, marketing, helpdesk, project management, sales and sales engineering. We really had a great experience with Erick and about 2 years ago we had some customer satisfaction growing pains and had another engagement with Erick, who really helped us focus on service delivery...back then our recurring revenue was at $300k per month and now it's over $500k and we have the highest satisfaction rates we've ever had. He's someone that can be your mentor or go to person now, but even 5 years in the future...
Adam Mahoney
Adam Mahoney
President & CEO Network Outsource
Working together as a team we really put together some amazing things...we just exploded and were able to pay off six figures of debt in a year with profitability in the bank. And then we became a target of acquisition and were attractive to multiple companies. Erick helped me out throughout the process and it got to a point we decided to move forward with the acquisition and it worked out fantastic. There's so much value in what he brings to the table and his experience that it's definitely one of the better decisions I made for the business, no doubt.
Chris Buckingham
President & CEO MinnDak Computer Services - aqcuired by Loffler Companies
Ultimately, [Erick] made us more profitable.

We had tried a few other consultants or we belonged to a couple groups... it just seemed like we were doing more work...
Erick came in and already had the homework done and we just have to implement.
Ben Pearce
President at ACP Technologies
The dude's down to earth.. he doesn’t BS you. He tells you how it is, and he pulls together the data to show you how it is...we like the data, we like it to be provable.. and he knows how to pull it together. I absolutely love what ericks’ done for us and I look forward to working with him again at any time.
Jeff Griffin
Chief Information Officer at The 20 MSP
In about 10 years we completed 15 acquisitions. We've actually engaged Erick 3 or 4 times at least in different aspects - it's been everything from helping us with due diligence of acquisitions to integration of acquisitions, we've brought him on to help with our sales and operations processes and we're in the middle of engagement with him of improving our service desk response and resolution and our processes there. I've been really impressed with Erick's consultative knowledge, capacity and availability in all of those engagements. I consider Erick an industry expert and we really appreciate the level of expertise that he's brought to our organization.
Kevin Colborn
Kevin Colborn
Senior Vice President of Network Operations and CIO
At some point we got to diminishing returns.. we started to look at how to make things better. With Erick as a guide... as soon he laid out what do we have to do to get where we want to go...That was the moment where we said "okay, this could work."
Steve Batiste​
Director of ITSM, Network Outsource
I came across a newsletter from Erick and is struck a nerve. I set up a meeting and thought his ideas and structure for how to analyze the parts of the business and improve them one by one was a great idea and exactly what we needed. We flew him in for a day and he met with different staff members and had conversations and at the end he sent me a pretty long laundry list of all the things that were wrong with us. From there we changed many, many things and seen significant increase of clients and efficiency of our operations. We've expanded worldwide and are hiring staff all over the world. We've been able to generate multiple times over what we've spent with Erick. Now we're calling him again to re-engage him in a different capacity.
Vadim Shelomyanov
Vadim Shelomyanov
President & CEO at INVAR Technologies Inc.

Erick is one of the most knowledgeable and effective IT business consultants extant.

I have read his books, been to his seminars and bought a web site from this man, and I was very happy with all of them. One of the things I look for in an industry expert is someone who has "been there", a successful small business owner. He is that is spades. And he can communicate his wisdom simply, and yet always imparts the kernel of truth. I recommend Erick highly,

Denis Wilson President - DWP Information Architects Inc. July 25, 2015

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As far as what happened today - I'd say the main thing is is that it lifted a lot of fogginess out of mind on how to proceed with growing our company. What I got was really pertinent, reasonable, thoughtful information about how to proceed with the next steps in our company. I was hoping to get that quick ramp up and the process that we need to move forward with our company...and we absolutely got it.
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I would definitely recommend bringing him in and working with your team so you can build a better technology company moving forward.
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The key 'aha moment' is knowing how much there is to do...it's a reality check for us. [The onsite meeting] was very professional, very concise, very knowledgeable - it was excellent.
We now have clear numbers to work on on the Project Management side we now can estimate a project much better because now we have clear metrics on how long it takes to do certain tasks. From the prospector perspective: we go into the prospector meetings and ... We come across as the expert and ultimately become their trusted advisor. We just went through a sales cycle where we gave out 57 proposals and we got 55 yes's.
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Doing the strategic roadmap - I have a huge client base with an enormous amount of income potential... Just from the momentum in the change and process, I've seen and immediate success.
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Erick came onsite..we looked at the hardcore financial data and leadership goals...It's really turned the business around - it's night and day as to how it was before.
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I wanted to ... be able to get my company to look at alternatives to the standard traditional break/fix model and how the managed services process can provide a sustainable income moving into the future...Your process allowed us..an easier roadmap to navigate.

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