Technical Webinar: You’re Selling and Doing Vulnerability Scanning All Wrong – And How to Fix It!

You're Doing Vulnerability Scanning All Wrong

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Most MSPs don’t perform critical vulnerability scanning for as many clients as they should; and as often as they should, because they say their clients aren’t willing to pay for it. You’ve probably done some vulnerability scanning for some of your clients, but how do you get all of your clients to agree to pay for it?

It’s all about how you position the risk that your clients face, and the value and peace of mind you can provide them.

But let’s be honest – price is a factor when trying to persuade clients to subscribe to more services, and many partners I work with have struggled to find a cost-effective solution that allows them to deliver vulnerability scanning as often as their clients need.

Attend this valuable session and learn how to deliver Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) cost-effectively at a price point that eliminates client objections!

This must-attend session is for sales and technical leaders and teams and will include specific strategies and how-to’s that you can implement immediately to overcome typical client objections for enhanced cybersecurity services and get them to say YES for this necessary VMaaS service. What You’ll LearnDuring this session, I will:

  1. Reveal why traditional “vulnerability scanning” doesn’t cut it anymore – and how to flip the script to make it a true profit center and a revenue generator
  2. Share new ways to use Vulnerability Management as a Service to grow lifetime strategic value with clients you probably aren’t doing
  3. Discuss how to position these services and overcome common client objections to get them to say YES
  4. Introduce you to a cost-effective solution for vulnerability scanning that eliminates price as a barrier

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