Service Desk Management for Continual Improvement – Webinar

MSP Mastered® Certification Program

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Service Desk Management for Continual Improvement

I’m delivering my NEW MSP Mastered® Certification Program FREE in 2021!

My Eleventh Webinar in the Series Starts This Thursday, June 10th @ 9am PT

Service Desk Management for Continual Improvement: During this service transformation session MSP service delivery expert Erick Simpson focuses on the function of the service desk and its role in the service delivery process.

Topics include effective service desk design, tools and technology requirements, roles and responsibilities of service desk staff, dispatchers and service managers, service desk day-today procedures, telephone and email communications standards, SLA guidelines and remote and onsite service delivery best practices.

Bonus: Attendees will receive a copy of my MSP Mastered® Tools Necessary for Managed Services Delivery White Paper

About the MSP Mastered® Certification Series

 The MSP Mastered® Certification Series includes 4 Levels with 6 live thought-leadership Webinar classes each plus Q&A, along with a quiz; and the tools, templates and resources needed to implement the strategies covered, and is delivered twice a month throughout 2021.

First up is Level One: Operational Fundamentals (Available On-Demand)

Jan 21: Understanding Your Financials

Jan 28: Determining Your True Cost of Service Delivery and Profit

Feb 11: Staffing, Hiring, and Designing High-Performing Compensation Plans

Feb 25: Pricing and Bundling for Profit

Mar 11: Developing Effective Master Service Agreements and SOWs

Mar 25: Optimizing and Integrating Your Business Platforms

Second is Level Two: Service Essentials

Apr 8: Project Management Best Practices to Eliminate Scope Creep and Seep

Apr 22: The Service Dispatch Process for SLA Success and Max Tech Utilization

May 13: Service Desk Incident Escalation & Lifecycle Manag. for Resolution

May 27: Service Desk Reporting and KPI Analysis

Jun 10: Service Desk Management for Continual Improvement

Jun 24: New Client On-Boarding by the Numbers

I encourage you and your staff to register for my Free MSP Mastered® certification program now, and I look forward to seeing you online!

 **Outstanding presentation** This is gold! – Scott

Great job, thanks for the great info! Lots to digest – Todd

Thank you very much for this valuable information. Awaiting next class – Nick

Yoohoo! Not bored after one hour – that’s a huge zoom day! – Vasile

Great presentation! Thanks very much! – Nate

Excellent presentation, thank you! – Chris

Wow! Thanks very much guys for such a great and informative session! – Max

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