Securing the Cloud for More MRR! – Webinar

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It’s a fact that more and more of your clients’ critical data is moving to the Cloud – but how are you securing it from threat of Cyberattack?

While you’re probably doing a good job of assessing your client’s on-premise infrastructure, data, devices and in-house platforms from a security standpoint, how well are you doing with their Microsoft-based Cloud platforms?

Join me and Mark Winter on Thursday, June 25th as he introduces RapidFire Tools’ new Microsoft Cloud Assessment Module!

I’ve got so say, I’m really impressed with the capabilities of this new offering – especially if you want to easily assess the following Microsoft platforms:

  • Azure AD
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • Outlook Mail Activity
  • Teams Assessment
  • MS Cloud Security Assessment

As you know, Microsoft’s Cloud platforms are among the toughest to easily assess for your business clients, and in my opinion, the “final frontier” or “holy grail” of Cybersecurity threat management.

Join me and Mark Winter from RapidFire Tools as we have a “real” live conversation with you and all of the attendees to this valuable Webinar and share how to assess your clients’ Microsoft Cloud Cybersecurity posture and dramatically increase your “no-touch” recurring revenues!

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