Erick Simpson’s Sales Objections Crusher




Erick Simpson’s 6 page Sales Objection Crusher identifies the most widely used objections to IT and Managed Services and provides the appropriate response to overcome them and close the sale. This critical asset covers the following techniques and who to use them on to crush sales objections:

  1. The-Tie Down
  2. Agreement Unveiling
  3. The Alternate Advance
  4. The Written Close
  5. The Sharp Angle Close
  6. The 1-2 Combo Close
  7. The Uncomfortable Silence Close
  8. The “I Want to Think About It” Close
  9. The “It Isn’t In The Budget” Close
  10. 3 The Challenge Close
  11. The Reduction to the Ridiculous Close
  12. The Ego Close
  13. The Ben Franklin Close
  14. The “Cheaper Somewhere Else” Close
  15. The Guilt Close
  16. The Take‐Away Close