The 7 Step Process For Selling Technology




In Erick Simpson’s 14 page 7 Step Process for Selling Technology White Paper, you will find information to help you understand proper techniques and best practices for selling technology services and solutions by following the 7 Step Sales Process detailed within.


  1. The Origin of the Sales Process
  2. Success with Technology Services and Solutions is Driven by a Strong Consultative Sales Process
  3. The 7 Step Sales Process for Technology Services and Solutions
  4. Step 1: Strategic Prospecting and Preparation
  5. Step 2: The Sales Warm-Up
  6. Step 3: Sales Qualifying
  7. Step 4: The Sales Presentation
  8. Step 5: Overcoming Sales Objections
  9. Step 6: Closing the Sale
  10. Step 7: Sales Follow-Up