Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sale – Webinar

MSP Mastered® Certification Program

Thursday, Sep 30th @ 9am PT

Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sale

I’m delivering my NEW MSP Mastered® Certification Program FREE in 2021!

My Eighteenth Webinar in the Series Starts Thursday, Sep 30th @ 9am PT

Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sale: During this sales mastery session, I’ll cover the 3 types of sales objections you’ll receive in any sales engagement in detail.

And the simple 4-step process to overcome them successfully. Additionally, I’ll cover how to close the sale correctly by simply asking your prospect for their business, and share 7 Sales Power Closes and how to use them to win the sale with different types of tough buyers.

Session attendees receive the following MSP Mastered® tools: Managed IT Services Sales Objections Crusher Reference

About the MSP Mastered® Certification Series

The MSP Mastered® Certification Series includes 4 Levels with 6 live thought-leadership Webinar classes each plus Q&A, along with a quiz; and the tools, templates and resources needed to implement the strategies covered, and is delivered twice a month throughout 2021.

First up is Level One: Operational Fundamentals (Available On-Demand)

Jan 21: Understanding Your Financials

Jan 28: Determining Your True Cost of Service Delivery and Profit

Feb 11: Staffing, Hiring, and Designing High-Performing Compensation Plans

Feb 25: Pricing and Bundling for Profit

Mar 11: Developing Effective Master Service Agreements and SOWs

Mar 25: Optimizing and Integrating Your Business Platforms

Second is Level Two: Service Essentials (Available On-Demand)

Apr 8: Project Management Best Practices to Eliminate Scope Creep and Seep

Apr 22: The Service Dispatch Process for SLA Success and Max Tech Utilization

May 13: Service Desk Incident Escalation & Lifecycle Manag. for Resolution

May 27: Service Desk Reporting and KPI Analysis

Jun 10: Service Desk Management for Continual Improvement

Jun 24: New Client On-Boarding by the Numbers 

Third is Level Three: Sales Mastery

Jul 15: Marketing and Lead Generation

Jul 29: Sales Prospecting and Appointment-Setting

Aug 12: Sales Qualifying

Aug 26: Sales Proposal Development

Sep 16: Delivering the Sales Presentation

Sep 30: Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sale

I encourage you and your staff to register for my Free MSP Mastered® certification program now, and I look forward to seeing you online!

**Outstanding presentation** This is gold! – Scott

Great job, thanks for the great info! Lots to digest – Todd

Thank you very much for this valuable information. Awaiting next class – Nick

Yoohoo! Not bored after one hour – that’s a huge zoom day! – Vasile

Great presentation! Thanks very much! – Nate

Excellent presentation, thank you! – Chris

Wow! Thanks very much guys for such a great and informative session! – Max

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