July 28th: Understanding and Serving the Distinct Cybersecurity Needs of Regulated and Unregulated Clients

To effectively address the cybersecurity needs of your existing clients and new prospects, you’ll need to design and price your services and bundles; and refine your marketing and sales approaches to serve 2 distinct audiences. The first audience includes regulated businesses; or businesses that must meet and demonstrate compliance with specific regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, SOC Type 2, PCI DSS, GLBA, NIST 800, FIPS, CMMC, GDPR, and others. The second audience is those businesses that do not fall under any specific regulatory guidelines but must strengthen their cybersecurity posture nonetheless to reduce their risk and liability. In addition, and regardless of any client or prospect’s specific regulatory requirements, your services will need to demonstrate compliance with the conditions of their individual cyber liability insurance policies.
This must-attend MSP Mastered® Webinar is for operations, marketing, sales, and technical leaders and teams.
During this important session, we’ll cover:
  1. Building, bundling, and pricing cybersecurity services for regulated and unregulated clients
  2. How to adjust your sales process for different audiences to accelerate sales velocity and close more deals
  3. Positioning and delivering dark web monitoring, cybersecurity awareness training, and identity, and access management to meet your clients’ cyber liability insurance policy requirements
Attendees to this timely cybersecurity business-building Webinar will receive my 4-page MSP Mastered® Cybersecurity Sales Qualifying Questions Reference

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