July 14th: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do – Using Documentation to Make Good Customers Great Clients and Part Ways with the Rest

July 14th 9am PT

What distinguishes “A” or “B” clients from “C” or even “D” customers? Besides strategic and cultural fit, profitability is a key factor. Are you doing all you can to help every client engagement be profitable? During this session, we’ll reveal the powerful processes you can use to leverage documentation and reporting to transform good customers into great clients. In addition, we’ll introduce you to a simple scoring system to identify the clients that you should prioritize for this transformation and those that you should exit and why.

Attend this valuable session and learn how to transform your customer base into a group of highly profitable strategic clients from initial onboarding through every QBR

You’ll learn:

  1. The step-by-step process to properly assess and document new customer environments during initial onboarding that prepares them to become great clients
  2. Best practices to monitor and automate your ongoing asset discovery process to ensure you’re not leaving any service money on the table
  3. How to enable and enforce joint accountability and transparency between you and your clients throughout your service relationship to grow client lifetime value
  4. The secrets to delivering VCIO and VCTO services and QBRs properly to strengthen your strategic value and get great clients to say yes to more projects

Live attendees to this timely session will receive my MSP Mastered® tool: Erick Simpson’s Strategic QBR Agenda Template

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