How to Have “The Cybersecurity Conversation” with Clients – Webinar

How To Have “The Cybersecurity Conversation” With Clients

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In this timely webinar, I cover how to have “The Cybersecurity” Conversation” with your clients. As an MSP,  you are better equipped than ever to protect your clients against urgent cyberthreats like ransomware.

But not all of your clients may have subscribed to your basic cyber protection services. That leaves them, you and your other clients exposed to threats like tech-supply chain attacks.

Worse, when an unprotected client suffers a cyberattack, their insurance company may come after you even though you aren’t to blame.

That means it’s time for you to have “The Conversation” on cybersecurity with your clients, gently insisting that it’s time to move to at least a minimal level of cyber protection services. The challenge is to successfully frame this as a win / win for both you and your clients (which in fact it is.)

Join me and noted Acronis cybersecurity expert Topher Tebow, and our special guest Cramer Snuggs, an MSP business leader that I’ve worked with directly who is successfully having The Conversation with their clients – and in so doing, making everyone involved safer and growing their business.

Join us for this can’t miss discussion as we explore:

  1. The current universe of cyberthreats, and how they expose every link in your supply and service delivery chain to costly downtime and data loss
  2. The expensive additional risks that you face in carrying clients without basic cyber protection
  3. The hard choices that you may have to make with clients reluctant to invest in cybersecurity
  4. How to have The Cybersecurity Conversation with your clients in a way that is constructive, positive, and leads to a win/win outcome for you and your client alike
  5. The real-life experiences of an MSP business leader that I’ve worked with who is already successfully conducting The Cybersecurity Conversation with their clients



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