Free Cybersecurity Sales Webinar & MSP Happy Hour™ Twofer!

Join me for a special 2-part Cybersecurity event Thursday, March 24th. First, we’ll deep-dive into the most effective ways to price, position and sell cybersecurity. Next, we’ll get together in the afternoon for my MSP Happy Hour: Cyber Cosmo Edition!, where we’ll learn to make this signature cocktail, have fun, do some giveaways and chat about cybersecurity!

First Up: Selling the Cloud, Cybersecurity and Peace of Mind Like a Pro

Free Cybersecurity Sales Webinar & MSP Happy Hour™ Twofer!

March  24, 2022 @ 8am PT / 11am ET

How do best-in-class MSPs position, sell and deliver enhanced cybersecurity and cloud services so easily, and leverage them to win business away from their entrenched competitors? And what are the minimum security services these mature MSPs require their clients to subscribe to without exception and how do they get them to say yes?

If you’re looking for proven ways to successfully position the value of; and urgency for, your clients’ more rapid adoption of cloud and cybersecurity services, attend this valuable Webinar!

During the third of my four Webinars in my 2022 MSP Growth Hacks series, we’ll share:

  1. Bundling and pricing your cloud, cybersecurity, and remote support services to accelerate sales velocity and maximize profit
  2. How to conduct “the cybersecurity sales conversation” properly that guarantees clients and prospects will buy
  3. The 3 sales objections you will always get and how to easily overcome them

BONUS: All attendees to this must-attend technical Webinar will receive my MSP Mastered® Reference: “Erick Simpson’s Cybersecurity Sales Objections Crusher and Closing Reference”

Next Up: The MSP Happy Hour™ Cyber Cosmo Edition!

March  24, 2022 @ 2pm PT / 5pm ET

Join me and my MSP friends, colleagues, and special guests for our very first MSP Happy Hour™ event!
This new event is meant to give us all an opportunity to have a little fun, a few laughs, and blow off some steam as we get to know each other better over a themed cocktail (or mocktail) – and learn new things!
We’ll keep the conversation light, humorous and have special drawings and giveaways for attendees, so register now and let’s have a great Happy Hour together!
This MSP Happy Hour’s signature drink: The Cyber Cosmo!
After registering, you’ll receive an email with a short, funny video on how to mix this drink, along with an ingredients list and instructions to make an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version of our signature cocktail. Use the ingredients list to get your shopping done before the event, and we’ll all mix and toast together as we chill and talk cybersecurity!

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