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Exit Strategies – Selling at the Highest Valuation: The final course in my MSP Mastered® Masterclass brings us full circle as I review the tactics and KPIs to implement, improve and monitor to ensure you are operating at the highest performance and profit to realize the greatest valuation during a strategic exit.

I’ll reveal the business sale process and each step that you will go through to properly prepare for a successful, profitable exit – putting you always be in the best position to command the highest leverage and valuation during a company sale discussion, even when you weren’t expecting the opportunity to sell to present itself yet. I also share the importance of developing a post-transaction integration plan and timeline to ensure the highest level of success after the transaction.

Session attendees receive the following MSP Mastered® tool: M&A Discovery Call Questionnaire

About the MSP Mastered® Certification Series

The MSP Mastered® Certification Series includes 4 Levels with 6 live thought-leadership Webinar classes each plus Q&A, along with a quiz; and the tools, templates and resources needed to implement the strategies covered, and is delivered twice a month throughout 2021.


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**Outstanding presentation** This is gold! – Scott

Great job, thanks for the great info! Lots to digest – Todd

Thank you very much for this valuable information. Awaiting next class – Nick

Yoohoo! Not bored after one hour – that’s a huge zoom day! – Vasile

Great presentation! Thanks very much! – Nate

Excellent presentation, thank you! – Chris

Wow! Thanks very much guys for such a great and informative session! – Max


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