Erick Simpson’s MSP Newsletter | September 2020

Erick Simpson

MSP Business Transformation Newsletter September 2020

Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes to Create a High Performance Service Organization

Here’s something you might find helpful.

In my 25+ years of helping MSPs improve service delivery performance I’ve seen the same handful of mistakes occur over and over again.

In fact, if you can just avoid making the following mistakes, I suspect you will have no trouble reaching your service delivery performance and profitability goals.

Here they are:

1.      Failing to select the proper PSA, RMM and Documentation tools

2.      Failing to properly configure and integrate your tools to maximize automation and reduce the cost of human labor

3.      Failing to document every role and responsibility on the service desk team

4.      Failing to document the incident management and resolution process for the Top 10 tickets the service desk receives regularly

5.      Failing to design and establish a dedicated Service Dispatcher role to be solely responsible for SLA attainment and service desk technician performance

6.      Failing develop an effective process to On-Board new customers properly and completely

7.      Failing to identify the correct Service Delivery Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or metrics to measure

So there you have it. Now you know what to avoid.

For the “how to’s” of Service Delivery Transformation check out my 12 Course MSP Mastered® Masterclass for Business Transformation. This is where I show you how to without having to waste time, energy and money figuring it out yourself, and increase employee morale, customer satisfaction and your profits along the way.

Announcing My New MSP Mastered® Coaching Program!

Erick and Ben

“We had tried a few other consultants or we belonged to a couple groups… it just seemed like we were doing more work… Erick came in and already had the homework done and we just have to implement.”
– Ben Pearce, President ACP Technologies

Ben and me at an event last year 🙂

There’s something to the old adage “it’s lonely at the top”.

It’s because many business owners seeking guidance on how to grow their company have a scarce amount of resources to turn to for help.

And this is especially true in the IT industry. There simply aren’t that many experts and thought leaders that have “been there and done that” – built and sold successful IT and MSP practices and helped hundreds of other IT business owners achieve dramatic, positive business transformation.

My new MSP Mastered® Coaching programs are designed for budget-minded IT Business Owners looking for help and accountability to get to the next level of growth but aren’t yet ready for a dedicated consulting engagement.

Space is extremely limited for my first launch of this valuable service, so if you’re interested, click below for more information and to schedule a free call with me.

Join Me For My Next “MSP Mastered®” Webinar:
Strengthen Your Customers' Security Posture with AI for More Profits
Thursday, September 24th @ 11am PST / 2pm EST

Join me for my next MSP Mastered® Webinar on Thursday, September 24th @ 11am PT, where we’ll explore how to pair your team’s technical know-how with Automated Intelligence to harden your customers’ security posture and drive more profit to the bottom line.

We’ll reveal how Liongard automates repetitive, manual tasks throughout your customer’s lifecycle, giving you the standardization you need to secure and scale.

Learn how Liongard’s automation and alerting supports the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and CIS Controls, enabling your team to:

1.      Document systems consistently and rapidly. Take onboarding from months to hours.

2.      Audit systems and build reports using rich historical data. Go back in time to see what changed.

3.      Secure systems with fully customizable alerts. Send tickets to your PSA anytime something critical changes or needs your attention.

All attendees will receive Liongard’s eBook on Customer Relationship Management from Onboarding and Beyond.


Listen to My Latest Top Gun Show Podcast Interview

Check out my latest Podcast interview on the Top Gun Show hosted by Steve Farmiloe.

Here are three $64,000 questions Steve asked me:

  1. What’s keeping MSP business owners up at night right now?
  2. Where are we in the adoption of Co-Managed IT for internal IT departments?
  3. What’s a little-known fact about yourself that nobody knows?

Tune in for my answers, along with a bit of a Star Trek geek-out!



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