Erick Simpson’s MSP Newsletter | December 2020

Erick Simpson

MSP Business Transformation Newsletter December 2020

There’s been a lot of talk and speculation about M&A during 2020. Partners I’ve been speaking with this year wonder if now is the right time to sell their practices or buy a practice to grow top-line revenues and acquire hard-to-find talent.

Is it a buyer’s or seller’s market?

The answer is – it depends. And the current Pandemic may not be as big a factor as you might think in some situations. Here are the top reasons a business owner considers selling their business:

  1. Business is at a historical high point
  2. It’s a buyer’s market and an offer is made that is tough to refuse
  3. Retirement
  4. A lifestyle change
  5. Interest in another business opportunity
  6. Problems with a business partner
  7. Health or other personal issues
  8. Growth is stagnant – the company has grown as far as the owner can take it

And here are reasons why an entrepreneur may consider growing by buying another business:

  1. Geographic expansion
  2. Acquiring a large customer list to upsell and cross-sell other products to and between
  3. Expanding into new vertical/sub-vertical markets or niches
  4. Creating a larger entity with centralized economies of scale and efficiencies
  5. To remove a competitor

If you’re interested in growing through acquisition and feel now is the time to explore these types of opportunities, read the blog post I wrote by clicking below

Join me for my final MSP Mastered® Webinar of 2021!
One of the top services we sold and delivered in my MSP practice in the early 2000’s was Disaster Recovery Planning and Services. This was such an important responsibility for us that we became experts at it; to the delight of our clients – especially those that would have lost their businesses but for our ability to restore their data and business continuity.

Times have changed, but the requirement for these services certainly haven’t. In fact, they’ve dramatically increased. The good news is, a majority of the old manual, laborious processes we slogged through back in the day to provision and deliver these services are now more automated and efficient.

Join me and Naj Raza from Unitrends MSP for this timely, revenue-generating Webinar to learn best practices for building and executing a Disaster Recovery Plan for your clients, and how MSPs are turbo-charging their business growth with Unitrends MSP.

During this highly recommended Webinar you’ll learn:

  • What a good Disaster Recovery Plan looks like and how to build one
  • The right tools and techniques to use to deliver effortless Disaster Recovery
  • Best practices for Recovery Testing and Automation
Get my MSP Mastered® Disaster Recovery Sales Qualifying Questions Reference Free!
Attend my final MSP Mastered® Webinar of 2020 and get my 5 Section Disaster Recovery Sales Qualifying Questions Reference.  It reveals the 46 questions you should always ask during your Disaster Recovery sales qualifying meetings to build trust and confidence in your prospect, accelerate sales velocity and shorten sales cycles for these required services.

10 Tips for Selling Virtually in 2021

How is your business growing during quarantine? Growth during what’s being called the “new normal” is on every one of the partners I work with’s minds – and I’m sure it’s on yours too.

In fact I’ve been delivering a recent webinar series with my great vendor sponsors focused on how to grow by conducting QBRs, sales to new clients and managing IT teams completely virtually. In fact, this topic is so hot that it has been breaking recent registration records by a huge margin – so I thought I’d deliver one especially for you – my own channel partners.

In this 45 minute webinar, I cover not only the top 10 best tips for selling virtually in the new normal, and growing your business without setting foot in a prospect’s office, but also how important it is to use the right equipment in order to make these meetings as normal as possible. I also share with you what makes up my virtual “rig”, and why it is so important to upgrade your gear beyond your laptop’s built-in webcam in order to be successful.

Bonus: Download my entire “Virtual Meeting and Webinar Rig” Equipment List and Links to get it all – just click the button below to check it out now, and send me your feedback!



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