Erick Simpson's Client Testimonials

Written Testimonials

Erick has a great business mind and is able to get these plans into action in ways that produce results.

Erick has been instrumental in the success of BIS. I have taken his strategies we developed in our IT business and have expanded them in my other business endeavors with great success. His friendly and always willing to help attitude makes him easy to work with and he will be successful at whatever he puts his mind to. I consider Erick and friend and trusted adviser.

Phillip Long CEO - Business Information Solutions

Erick is one of the most knowledgeable and effective IT business consultants extant.

I have read his books, been to his seminars and bought a web site from this man, and I was very happy with all of them. One of the things I look for in an industry expert is someone who has "been there", a successful small business owner. He is that is spades. And he can communicate his wisdom simply, and yet always imparts the kernel of truth. I recommend Erick highly,

Denis Wilson President - DWP Information Architects Inc.

I first worked with Erick during a SWOT analysis at AGJ.

His team's thoroughness was very impressive, and his growth suggestions were spot-on. We're still seeing value from Erick's recommendations all these years later.

Ryan Giles CFO - AGJ Systems and Networks

Erick has been a valuable asset to my company.

Even though I spent my past 20+ years as a VAR/MSP, he has a way to bring "business building" ideas to the forefront, and to help establish additional connections. He has helped shape the way we do business with our VAR and MSP partners. He understands the MSP market, and I consider him as one of my "trusted resourses"

Paul Daigle CEO - Bytes, Bits & Megabytes

Erick's a sharp business professional.

I've worked with him on a number of initiatives including a multi-month engagement where my company used his thought-leadership skills to great success.

Scott Howell Senior Group Marketing Manager, Cloud - Global - Ingram Micro

If you have worked in the MSP/IT Services industry then I would be quietly frankly amazed if you don't already know Erick's name.

He has been a champion in the space for many years and a huge influencer in the market. In my many dealings with Erick over the years not only has he always been incredibly professional and knowledgeable on such a broad range of subjects, but such a thoughtful and nice person to do business with, the hallmark of what makes great relationships. I have no hesitation in recommending Erick.

Ray Barber CTO - CodeBlue Limited

Erick is a scholar in the field of managed services.

The concepts, techniques, and best practices he has developed have helped me grow our recurring revenue by more than 400% over the last two years. I highly recommend any organization trying to develop a rrecurring revenue program to review Erick's books and consider signing up for his IT Business Builder program. It will be invaluable to the success of your business, and more importantly, the value your clients receive from your services.

Brian Page, CISSP MBA Director of Managed Services - Structured Communication Systems

I have had the pleasure of working with Erick collaboratively in the past.

Erick is a seasoned marketing strategist, who knows how to reach a market segment with an effective targeted message, both through organizing effective on site meetings and via electronic media. I would recommend Erick's services to anyone who is in need of his kind of expertise.

Robert Henry Manager - CompTIA

I had known of Erick long before I ever met Erick in person.

He had already been a prominent figure in the SMB Space for many years. Erick is not just very well spoken, he also happens to have the core knowledge that only comes from many years in the industry. Every time I hear someone mention that they have recently heard Erick present on some content, it is always followed by some expression of exuberance for his style and delivery; He's is truly a great speaker.

Manuel Palachuk Head Coach and President - Manuel Palachuk International

Erick has an eye for details and always thinks ahead to successfully deploy and manage IT business processes.

Because of being actively involved with the complete process and technical support, Erick's contributions helped make our sales training program a success in 2013 and 2014. We are looking forward to continue our great collaboration in 2015!

Jimmy van Santen Business Development Manager Fujitsu Value EMEA - Ingram Micro

Erick is a one of a kind.

A great professional, hard working and with innovative ideas. I would define him as the business alchemist, you know, that one person which can transmute a common business into a gold one!

Carlos Fernando Paleo da Rocha Diretcor & CEO - Consulting Business Solutions

Erick is a leader and visionary in our industry.

We often refer to his books and training materials to improve our practice and service delivery.

Marco Alcala CEO - Alcala Consulting, Inc.

After attending CEO and Sales training with Erick.

I was able to apply new strategies that allow me to grow my company by over 50% in the last 2 years. I will strongly recommend any MSP looking for ways to improve their operations to reach out to Erick and attend his training.

Pedro Nunez President & CEO - IT Management Solutions

Having met Erick at one of his MSP Boot Camp events.

I can attest to his knowledge of the Managed Services industry. Erick and his team not only know what does and doesn't work but they also have the experience to help you build a solid business.

Ramon Garcia Chief Technology Officer - EvolvTec

Erick is an amazing trainer and mentor for resellers.

His experience and insights helping VARs and MSPs grow their business and broaden their offerings, is truly valuable. I have personally witnessed many partners blossom and grow under his tutelage.

Jennifer Heinig Inside Sales Representative - Targus

Erick Simpson was one of the most influential people in my life when building an IT Managed Services company.

With his training and coaching, I was able to build a profitable long-term sustainable business. I highly recommend Erick to anyone serious about building an IT business; he knows his stuff and gets results!!!

John Pyron President and CEO - John Pyron Coaching

Erick and his organization do an excellent job at educating managed service providers.

He keeps activities well organized and smooth-running.

Leonard Jacobs, MBA, CISSP, CSSA President & CEO - Netsecuris Inc.

Having first met Erick in 2004.

I know him to have a keen sense of emerging business models and a great entrepreneurial spirit. Erick was one of the early adopters of the MSP model and realized very quick success. Erick has shared his expertise with the channel community for many years and is a respected MSP guru. His business insights are sure to help any MSP hoping to optimize their business operations.

Carlson Colomb Sr. Director OEM Business Development - Mobeewave

Erick is a man of many talents, skills and knowledge.

I first worked with Erick and his team back in 2007 when I started out forming our business model. His well thought-out books and approaches fundamentally changed my outlook on optimizing our IT service approach. I have also worked with some of their initial clients and maintained a level of service for over 7 years with those existing customers based on Erick's fundamentals. For anyone who needs "a how to" or needs resources to help grow their business I recommend contacting Erick on helping coaching you on various methods and techniques.

Garett Chipman President & CEO - TVG Consulting

Erick has deep knowledge of all aspects of IT, website development, and social media.

In addition, I've appreciated his insights into the overall strategy for my business. I'd highly recommend Erick for any strategic or development work you may need.

Shawn Andrews, EdD, MBA Global Compliance and Training, Research & Development - Allergan

I have known Erick for a long time.

He is a well respected and very capable leader within the SMB managed services industry. I can recommend Erick without hesitation.

John Carter President - CDI Managed Services

We started working with Erick in 2007 to help us fine-tune our Managed Services offering.

Which he did a very good job of. His training was based on his past experience as a successful Managed Services Provider. Pratt Computing Technologies offers a higher level of tech support and Managed Services to our Knoxville clients as a result of the training we received from Erick Simpson. He also literally wrote the book(s) on all aspects of Managed Services and IT support, from the processes to sales and marketing. If anyone has the opportunity to get on a webinar or other training provided by Erick Simpson, it would be time well spent and something I highly recommend.

Doc Pratt President - Pratt Computing Technologies

Simply stated, knowing Erick Simpson has greatly aided my own career advancement.

He is a subject matter expert in the I.T. industry and has a significant depth of knowledge in regard to how to build a successful MSP. I routinely defer to Erick on industry-related matters and trend analysis. Perhaps his greatest attribute is his ability to speak both at the highest levels of technology, yet be able to address a room full of non-technical business owners and speak at their level, in their vernacular.

Chris McQueen Account Executive - Synergy Global Solutions

I have been working with Erick for several years.

Erick is a tireless mentor, educator, and motivator for service providers in the IT services industry. His knowledge about the business aspects of running a Managed Services Provider is transferred to people through his one-on-one mentoring, webinars, how-to guides, and Boot Camps. Erick has surrounded himself with talented people who can provide specific education to his clients. It has been a pleasure to work with Erick.

Bob Breitman Partner - Fortium Partners LP

Erick Simpson is one of the main voices to listen to in the MSP consulting space.

Baroan Technologies has been listening since 2007; back in the day when MSP information was very limited. We joined the monthly web cast sessions and started building the details of being an MSP into our practice. Between the Boot Camps, web casts and information packed books offered, we have benefited and can say that what we have learned from Erick is a cornerstone in our success.

Dimitri Miaoulis Partner - Baroan Technologies

Erick is a great resource for any managed IT & cloud services company.

Here at Data-Tech our sales and operations has benefited from all the information Erick has provided on how to grow and operate a successful IT services company. I would highly recommend that anyone in the business should reach out to Erick and learn more about his services.

Scott Dollar Director of Sales - Data-Tech

Erick is a great resource for any managed IT & cloud services company.

Here at Data-Tech our sales and operations has benefited from all the information Erick has provided on how to grow and operate a successful IT services company. I would highly recommend that anyone in the business should reach out to Erick and learn more about his services.

Scott Dollar Director of Sales - Data-Tech

I've had the good fortune of knowing Erick.

For the years I've been an executive in the IT Services- software market over the last 4 years. He's an intelligent, market savvy thought leader in the world of IT Service provision. He's been party to and built programs, training and organizations to provide the sort of necessary, practical, but not fluffy/trendy knowledge, that IT Service leaders need to know in order to be sustainably successful. in short, Erick GETS IT and if you work with him, you will as well.

Rob Ryan Executive Vice President - Business Development - Centrastage Ltd.

I have worked with Erick Simpson many times over the last nine years.

In addition to providing great training materials, he is a great person to work with as an individual. I have always found him to be a man of his word who delivers what he promises. On more than one occasion I have asked Erick to provide special training content for my organization. In every case, he has exceeded our expectations. We will be working with Erick in the future and recommend that you do too.

Karl Palachuk Owner, Small Business Thinker - Small Biz Thoughts

Erick was instrumental in me transforming my Business.

His in-depth knowledge of the MSP subject matter (and all related business matters), and the ability to communicate things well, greatly accelerated my ability to do what I needed to do and get done. Very personable, and someone who listens well, I would recommend to anyone looking for advice, direction, or assistance, and needing an industry expert for their business, to look no further. Get in touch with Erick.

David Grinder Founder - Y3K IT Services

Over the years I have been following Erick.

Attending his events, reading his publications, and implementing his teachings and recommendations into our business operations. The information that he has written and published has assisted us in streamlining our operations and improving our service delivery. These "tactics" have helped us accelerate our growth landing us on GrowFL 50 Fastest Growing Small Business in the State of Florida, and the INC 5000. He has become a trusted advisor for us and I really appreciate his keeping up with the industry and bringing new meaningful material to the service provider market.

Mike Hicks Jr. President & CEO - Hixardt Technologies, Inc.

Erick is highly recommended.

Erick is a unique blend of technical and business acumen, able to wear multiple hats and connect with a broad audience. He is an engaging speaker and trusted business adviser.

Kevin Krusiewicz Channel Enablement Manager - Intel Corporation

Erick is a focused individual that get the job done.

Professional, consistent, reliable and a person of integrity.

Eddie Ayala Owner - Computer On-Site Solutions

Erick exudes the definition of follow up and communication.

I met Erick when he was part of MSP University and CompTIA and despite my career changes, he has continue to follow up. He has shown great listening skills combined with a strong business and technical knowledge, making him a professional that I will do business with again.

Joe Feyereisen CEO/CTO - Reach IPS

Erick is a leading authority in his field.

And as a client I have benefited greatly from his books, webinars and other instructional material. Additionally, I continue to refer Erick to my business associates.

Roy Nakamura Owner - Fastteks On-Site Computer Services

Erick is a producer that delivers.

He quickly learns new ideas and puts them into practical use. He writes fluently, speaks convincingly and knows how to partner with others for their mutual benefit. Erick knows how to identify and leverage trends that generate large benefits to multiple groups. Working with Erick on a project is a positive experience. If you don't know Erick, you should.

Scott Scrogin President - HTG

Erick is a forward-thinking individual.

And knows how to tap into new markets before others and come up with creative solutions to sell technology as a service. His books and toolkits have helped my business convert from Break/Fix to Managed Service Provider, and were extremely valuable in getting into this market early on.

David Stinner Founder & President - US itek

Erick is a clear and visionary thinker.

Who has the ability to see where the IT service industry is moving to and to articulate how that impacts business models. I have found his insights and advice to be more than helpful and look to him as a key input when I think about strategy for my business.

Dan Hay CEO -

What is there to say about Erick Simpson that hasn't been said already?

Erick has volunteered to take me under his wing and help me to move forward in my career. During my time of uncertainty about where I was going, Erick was like a big brother to me, challenging me and ensuring that I was pointed in the right direction. I need him at that time of my life. Now, I am blessed to call Erick a friend, a colleague, a mentor, a brother and a guy I know.

Stuart Crawford Founder - ULISTIC Inc.

Erick is an articulate and well versed individual.

Who communicates an organized set of core, must have information for any company creating and working in the Managed Services Technology Consulting Model. He is also a wonderful speaker and his books are a must read. I highly recommend Erick as a resources both for consulting, for training and for advice.

Anne Stanton President - The Norwich Group

Erick is a terrific author and speaker.

Our company's managed services offering was developed directly from material Erick has written and presented. We purchased his kit at a seminar and immediately used the material to sign 2 client contracts worth $30K annually. We've continued to implement the information in our daily business practice to grow our managed services offerings. I highly recommend Erick and his team to anyone who wants to move their business to the next level in managed services arena.

Pat Dolan Director Business Development - TCC Technologies

Erick is "the man" when it comes to Managed Services.

Erick's books are on my bookshelf and are "must haves" for anyone looking into Managed Services. A fantastic speaker and an insightful businessman, Erick couples that deep understanding with a fantastic willingness to help and teach others in the industry. Erick and my frequent conversations at conferences have made me seek his counsel, and I highly recommend his advice and knowledge.

David Sobel Director of Partner Community - LogicNow

Erick Simpson is truly the greatest business building resource I have ever experienced in all of my 35 years in business.


John Corrick Ezetek Pacific Pty Ltd

Highly recommended if you have been doing this for 20 years or just starting out.


Dan Fusco InnerPC

I learned new marketing tools to use,

networking skills, and a lot about search engine optimization.

Alex Alkog Northwest Computer Support

I have never been a sales guy since I come from a technical background.

But I can now sell Managed Services.

Alex Rodriguez On Time Technology Solutions

Terrific Program- great info.

We got an incredible amount of very useful and immediately applicable information and tools.

Tony Bennett ADSG LLC

I would highly recommend this to anyone truly committed to transforming their business.


Mike Neyman Guidant Partners

Awesome training for business owners and sales professionals.


Chris McQueen Synergy Global Solutions

Absolutely recommended to anyone looking to further their sales training.


Kelsey Gibree T6 Consulting

If you want to be trained in sales,

there is no one I would recommend more.

Mark Street Cornerstone Managed Business Security

I've attended numerous sales trainings in the past 12 years and can say

without a doubt that this training was the best I've seen.

Shanon Berry Red Level Networks

One of the best vertically focused workshops I have ever attended.

The commitment to the sector is very clear and the value delivered was fantastic.

Lars Johnson Swiftechs

I appreciate the opportunity to have such quality training.

The information is the highest quality I have seen!

Ron Johnson Tech Odyssey

Terrific Program – great info.

We got an incredible amount of very useful and immediately applicable information and Tools.

Tony Bennett ADSG LLC

I've attended other training geared to MSP

and this program is significantly better.

Bob Reinerman IT Definitive

Thank you for providing a great service to the IT community.


Pete Robbins Strata Information Technology

My overall experience was great.

You are a valuable resource for our business.

Terry Inman Network Data Services

I gained a much greater sense of how to position the value of our core offering,

how to protect our existing clients from poachers and/or take business away from competitors, how to effectively price and close on value.

Tim Bass Langtech

I feel there are far more resources available from you

for me to get the much needed help starting and building my MSP business than I previously realized.

Matt Werner InfoSolve IT Solutions

This is the type of thing that simply cannot be learned over the phone or by reading a book.

I HIGHLY recommend Erick Simpson.

John Campbell Net Effect

I feel that I finally have the confidence I was looking for to go forward,

and get a better handle on the entire sales process, and how it works.

Gregory Powell ScioTek Corporation


The best meeting of this kind that I have ever been to.

Steven B. Hurley Network Nomads

This was the best two days I have had related to my business growth.


Dan Davis Internetworks Plus

I have been a part of some other programs.

I think I got more value out of these 2 days than the entire time (which was over 4 years) I was with the other program.

Don McCombie DocuMacs Technology Consultants

Overall, this was a fantastic event.

I learned a tremendous amount from the course content.

Eric Korb IS Support

I appreciate all of the hard work

and dedicated effort from the team.

Bill Black Black’s Support Services, LLC

Recommended to anyone

who is thinking about entering the business.

Christopher Furey Savvy Networks

Highly recommended as a resources both for consulting,

for training and for advice.

Anne Stanton The Norwich Group

Erick Simpson is a world class educator

and trainer of sales professionals.

Greg Downey IT Assurance

We know many coaches in the industry,

and as far as training sales and the entire MSP organization there is no one better.

Deegan Pope Cornerstone Managed Business Security

Erick Simpson has been a great asset to Frontier Technologies,

providing great insight and strategies on how to bring on new managed services clients.

Reshma Moorthy Frontier Technologies

Ton of knowledge in a very short amount of time

and I am truly grateful.

Russell Hale Hixardt Technologies, Inc.

Most definitely worth the investment

and expect it to bring a financial ROI going forward.

Debi Bush CMIT Solutions of Denver

Keep up the good work,

you are doing a great service to all of us trying to distinguish ourselves and becoming more efficient and profitable.

Ray Collazo CorpSolv Inc.

Thank you for everything.

Your organization is first class.

John Papadopoulos Allstate Capital

I'm extremely glad I attended and if (I could give you) a high five

…I would!

Scott Winter Business Development Manager - Resource One, Inc.

Your willingness to share is amazing.

I can't thank you all enough for pouring into me, giving me the extremely valuable wisdom and resources needed to build the business I want for myself and my family. Thank you very much.

Alex Brown Consultant - Nerds on Site

Excellent Experience.

I would highly recommend others.

Henry Tyrangiel Computerized Management Systems

This was the best and most intense IT related education event I have attended

in my 30+ years as an IT professional.

Ron Pennell President - Foothills IT

Erick helped me to recognize some of my strengths and weaknesses,

and more importantly it showed me how to hire the right people to build a very strong team.

Kevin Grimes Director of Technical Services - Computer Technology Solutions, Inc.

You guys are the BEST!!!!!!!

Thank you 1,000 times!

Angela H. Taylor COO - Technology Assurance Group

The role plays and how to train my team in them was VERY useful.

Overall I was very pleased with the workshop and found it to be a great value. I am very glad I was able to attend and did get lots of valuable information.

Dennis Coglianese Business Practice Director - Excalibur Data Systems, Inc.

This was by far the best training I've had.

It was absolutely incredible!

Scott Murphy Director of Sales - MCG Business Solutions

If management at my company commits to follow the lessons learned,

then there will be a pot of gold with our names on it.

Hugh Miller President - ASysTech Inc.

Thank you for your efforts and counsel.


Don McCombie DocuMacs Technology Consultants

I think the sales role playing sessions were fantastic.


Greg Gombas President & CEO - Gombas Networks, Inc.

Your whole structure is just pure Genius there guys!


Billy Springs President - EVT

Well worth the time and money investment!!

Thank you! Very valuable!

Bob Bidwell Manager of Business Development - DRS Technologies

I did want to let you know I was pleased with the content you provided and felt the time I was able to be in the room was time well spent.

Thanks for investing in our company's success. I look forward to seeing you again.

Joel Simpson President - Simpson Computing, Inc.

Thank you for an informative and interesting look at Service Delivery.


Don Kienlen Technical Services Director - Milner

I really had fun while I was learning.


Mandy Nester Solutions Consultant - PRONETS

Excellent information.

I brought my new sales guy to the training also and we are ready to 'drink the Kool-Aid'.

Steven Grabowski CEO - SOHO Integration

The experience, insights, and shovel-ready knowledge gained was extraordinary.

You guys run a tight ship.

Brian Maggi President - THINQ

Great experience for any business owner.


Jay Muraglia Owner - Base2 NC, Inc.

Helped me refocus on what needs to change to be successful and grow.


Gregory Davis President - Solutions, Inc.

I would like to take a moment and thank you for all the knowledge and insight I have gained from you and your dedicated team.

You have definitely exceeded my expectations.

George Kishek Owner - Kishek IT Services

The knowledge that I obtained will transform my company.

I highly recommend Erick Simpson to anyone in the MSP industry.

Adam Ford President - ACF Consulting, Inc.

A VERY productive use of my time.

Thank you.

George Morgan Director of Sales Engineering - IT Management Solutions

I appreciate the real world prescriptive advice.


Bob Smith Technical Specialist - Premier Computer Services

It was a great experience.

I HIGHLY recommend it.

Drew Hackworth IT Manager - ACF Consulting, Inc.

I just received the call about an hour ago that we earned the business for a 150 seat client!

I could not have done it without your help and all the resources!

Scott Bechtold President - InSource Technologies

A huge thank you for your guidance and support!


Sean Francis Vice President - Technology Assurance Group, Inc.

I really can’t believe all I learned and how much I did not know about selling.

I’ve already started implementing some of the ideas, but I still have a long way to go. Keep up the good work – you really are an inspiration!

Mandy Nester Technology Solutions Consultant - PRONETS

I wanted to thank you for the advice on the Medical Practice we talked about.

We closed the deal yesterday for $4200/month on a 3 year contract. Thanks again!

Adam Falor IT Systems Consultant - DevNull Technologies

My biggest takeaway is knowing that even though I have a financially solid MSP, you can help me take it to the next level, and I can plan to engage substantially.

I'm very grateful you guys are around.

Wayne Chapin President - Xerillion Corp.

I now understand my role in the company as a sales/marketing professional

and have an understanding of what my CEO is looking to accomplish in the future.

Raul Olave Business Development Associate - Venture Technologies

Exceeded our expectations.


Dane Parish Sales - LLC

It was a great experience.

Everything was excellent.

Marina Crockett Office Manager - FCA Technologies



John Hughes President - eDocSecure HealthCare Solutions

Your staff is very accommodating and deliver a true interest in providing solutions to grow one's business through insight and training.

Wealth of information.

Greg Kithas Principal - Computer Hospital

The verbiage- learning how brilliantly veteran sales guys can Jedi past client objections and get the information needed to produce a powerful sales presentation.

It made me weep to know that I would not be able to retain all the information that I was being given.

Sean Kubin Business Development - Network Data Services

Erick Simpson has been an amazing resource for our business.

Not only did Erick provide us with a solid framework for implementing improved processes and procedures throughout our company, but he was also instrumental in helping us work through some tough staffing changes that, up until that point were severely holding us back from achieving our goals. We continue to utilize Erick on a regular basis. My business partner and my team see Erick as a respected, trusted and fundamental resource in the development and operations of our business. Thanks to Erick's guidance we are now able to partner with the types of clients we most enjoy working with, and we are seeing higher profits across the board!

Heather Remer, CEO, ComputerCare LLC

Our consulting engagement with Erick has completely changed our business.

After implementing the changes recommended, we are able to achieve the highest realization of our staff. My days have become less stressful and my employees have become more profitable. Bottom line, our profit for the first quarter has increased 109% over last year. That is more than double!

Ryan Giles, CFO, AGJ Systems and Networks

The concepts, techniques, and best practices they have developed have helped me

grow our recurring revenue by more than 400% over the last two years.

Brian Page, Director of Managed Services, Structured Communications Systems

After we received our Recommendations Document, Erick worked with us on a weekly basis to help us implement these recommendations.

Since then, we’ve hired new marketing and sales staff and improved our sales process and outcomes. We also implemented a QA process in our help desk and improved our service delivery team’s efficiencies and profitability. The engagement with Erick significantly improved our business. In fact, we’ve found the partnership so valuable that we have extended our initial engagement.

Phillip Long, CEO, Business Information Solutions

I recommend Erick Simpson not only to providers that are struggling with their business operations,

but those that are healthy and want to take things to the next level.

Vince Tinnirello, CEO, Anchor Network Solutions, Inc.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not putting in place what I learned from Erick and his team.

I wanted you to know that you have made a big difference in my, and my families life. Thank you.

Chuck Weiner, President, Computing Solutions

The team at OpenPalm Technology here in the UK are delighted to have discovered Erick and his team.

The view is that they have enhanced the business through the provision of value for money services that are delivered efficiently and that are coupled with world class support that reduces our stress levels. We have no hesitation in recommending Erick and his team, as a service provider they continue to work diligently and with a conscience on our behalf and these attributes are difficult to find. Well done, and as always a pleasure doing business with you.

John Silk, CEO, OpenPalm Technology

A case for… feedback

I just wanted to give you all some feedback on your published works. This content is invaluable, robustly holistic in context, and a seamless walk-through of what and how a service or solution would be implemented and why. I read a lot of content on network world, Data Center world, CNET etc. – The last 50 or so “insight articles” I’ve read simply can’t compare. Appreciate all of your hard work on this.

Jarrod Davis, Compunet Inc.

Congratulations Erick.

I was fortunate enough to be on the maiden voyage of the MSP University webinar series, which gave our company a jump start in the MSP space. It may seem strange now, but there was a time when no one could even explain what an MSP was. Erick has been there from the start and has shown a fierce dedication to helping IT companies make the transition to being an MSP and to continue to evolve as our industry evolves. With each boot camp I would attend, with each book I would read and with each webinar I would sit in on our business would continue to learn and grow. I am very thankful for Erick’s help for the past ten plus years. Erick has been absolutely critical in our MSP success.

Dimitri Miaoulis, Managing Partner at MSP Builder