3 Marketing Tips That Set the Most Appointments – Webinar

I’d like to invite you to attend my next MSP Mastered® Webinar:

“3 Marketing Strategies That Generate
the Most Sales Appointments

When: Thursday, September 5th @ 11am PST / 1pm EST

Finding the right marketing strategy for your organization is tough. It takes lots of time, trial and error and money to identify the strategy that works best for you.

But there isn’t a singular strategy that works for every MSP. By executing thousands of marketing campaigns for hundreds of MSPs, Giovanni Sanguily from TRIdigital Marketing has discovered the three most effective strategies for generating qualified sales meetings.

And I got him to agree to share them with you, along with how to choose the one that best fits the strengths of your organization. Make sure not to miss this unique business building Webcast.

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