2 IT Guys Talking Shop! Webinar

Back by popular demand: 2 IT Guys Talking Shop! Webinar

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Join 2 IT Guys Talking Shop! Dan Wensley and I have been in the industry for long enough to see new technologies, business models and “the next best thing” announcements that have been more sizzle than steak. And we’ve helped thousands of IT providers, MSPs, VARs and Resellers grow their businesses and revenues along the way, while avoiding costly mistakes. Join us as we have a “real” conversation with you about the challenges and opportunities that MSPs are sharing with us today as a couple of IT Guys telling it like it is and talking shop.

We’re going to deliver a totally unique Webinar experience for you!

Join us as we (almost) eliminate the slide deck and conduct a SUPER INTERACTIVE live video Fireside Chat and Involve You in helping answer questions like:

  • What are MSPs selling today?
  • How have MSPs evolved to the changing needs of their clients?
  • How has Covid-19 impacted “business as usual” for MSPs and their clients?
  • What is the most important value an MSP brings to their clients?
  • What percentage of overall MSP sales to clients are MRR-based?
  • What are clients willing to pay for today that MSPs aren’t selling?
  • How do MSPs have the right conversations to uncover these sales?

As a bonus, we’ll also share how you can avoid leaving $50k of yearly recurring revenue on the table (like average MSPs do)!

Join me and Dan Wensley from Warranty Master as we have a “real” live conversation with you and all of the attendees to this NEW and DIFFERENT WEBINAR EXPERIENCE and share how to dramatically increase your “no-touch” recurring revenues!

Back by popular demand: 2 IT Guys Talking Shop! Webinar

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